“It is the obligation of the oppressed to challenged and break every rule of the oppressor, thus seizing control over his life and his destiny. This should not be viewed as a dynamic of destruction, but of creation.”

Jean-Paul Sartre

This quote was placed on the Robert L. Stearns Award given Ward Churchill by the University of Colorado Alumni Association, but Sartre’s words apply to all of us.

Each act of resistance says, “I will only allow the oppression, or the fear, or the silencing, to go this far.”

How we resist is a choice we make for ourselves, but always with the understanding that by our decisions we shape the world of our children, seven generations into the future.

If you disagree with Ward Churchill or others who push back, do something else that’s constructive. Only zealots think we must all follow the same path. But do something; complaining doesn’t count.

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